New Strands is dedicated to helping any man dealing with hair loss, thinning or male-pattern baldness. We offer a personalized solution, tailored to fit your individual needs, natural look and lifestyle. All in our private, comfortable, conveniently located facility.

No matter what your age or stage you are in, we will help you. A lot of companies make claims they can regrow hair but the reality is that there is no magic secret that fits every guy on the planet. However, we offer hair loss prevention and other solutions that stimulate follicles, add volume, match your style, hair color, hair texture and give you the ability to naturally be the best you’ve ever been.

We can give you a great new style or if you have previous photos, this will help us duplicate your hairstyle so you will look your best again!

During your consultation our professional hair consultants will sit down with you privately and assist you in choosing hair color, length and texture of hair. Hair care and maintenance. Any questions you may have will all be addressed during the consultation.